BN network merchants will now be able to process card payments through smartphones

  • It will reduce set up times because it allows more payment points to be set up just in minutes. 

San José, august 31st, 2022. People who pay with cards will now be able to notice as of today how merchants use their smartphones to process payments, thanks to BN Cel POS, a technology implemented by Banco Nacional and its commercial partner Mastercard that practically turns phones into payment points of sale (POS).

This is an agile and innovative way that allows merchants to further streamline contactless payments. Among its benefits is the low cost and the elimination of the use of dataphones. 

More efficiency for merchants

This new payment point is literally carried in the pocket and allows the expansion of cash registers at peak hours, enabling several terminals for the same merchant, this means more agility in the lines and therefore reduces the waiting time of customers in the store.

BN Cel POS accepts all debit and credit cards of any brand and allows payments in colones or dollars if the customer has a device for charging by currency. It generates automatic closings and sales data in less time.

BN Cel POS also has a transaction history where you can validate the status of each transaction, as well as reverse and cancel if required.

Ease and Security

To process a payment, the merchant only must open the BN Cel POS application, enter the amount of the sale and ask the customer to bring his card or contactless device. The receipts are sent to the e-mail address the customer has registered with the bank. BN Cel POS transactions are protected with the same international security technology.   

To join

Merchants interested in innovating their payment processes through BN Cel POS, must have Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in their cell phones, Android operating system version 8.1 or higher, pop-up windows, text or instant messaging enabled, 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connection, available memory space of 40-50 megabytes.

In addition, businesses must have an account with Banco Nacional, be registered as a taxpayer with the Ministry of Finance and have a valid legal entity certificate or copy of their identity card.

Merchants who download the BN Cel POS app must send an email to the account and the Bank will assign an executive to accompany them in the affiliation process.